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i'd probably say that you've been on my mind..

gah, i need help. my summmer's getting confusing.
okay, so from the 14th through the 23rd, i'm gonna be in
missouri with my mom's family :] and that'll be nice. and then
on the 24th brittany and i might be doing something. and then
on the 25th jordy and i and some other people are gonna have
a notebook/school stuff burning party. :] then on the 26th i'm
hanging out with mack! :] and the 27th is looking good for kriss,
and definitely a bunch of courtney in there somewhere, or on the 28th,
yoooou know. so that's all in june. and then the dilemma starts.

i'm definitely going to see heather in august and i was gonna
stay with her for like a week. then laurel's graduation party
is on july 15th and i'm supposed to help my mom plan a harry
potter party at the library on july 21st. i'm also supposed to
start voice lessons in manchester sometime this summer and i
was still supposed to hang out with bugg, wesley, luke, jordy,
and a bunch of other guys. and i'm gonna start driving in like
20 days, so it sounded like it was gonna be an awesome summer.

and then last night i was talking to heather and she was saying
how she wants me to come down for like an entire month, like from
the beginning of july until august 12th ishh. and i was wicked
excited about it until i realized how much i'd be missing. like
i'd be watching kyla every single day in florida at a walking
distance from clearwater beach. and i'd get wicked tan and
i'd beat bugg in our who's gonna get tanner contest. :] but i
wouldn't get to see him or really talk to him all summer, and
all of my other friends too. i'd miss laurel's party, not get
voice lessons, not be able to drive (cuz you can't drive out of
state), not see my friends, not help at the library, and blah
blah blah. but i'd get to see heather and kyla and pat for a
a whole month and i'd be helping them tons by being there and
i'd get tan and.. i just dunno what to do, you know?

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