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nothing good comes easily..

gah, i'm in missouri right now. :] i love it here, i'm not gonna lie. every day is beautiful.. it's like always 90 degrees and stuff but it's not really that humid which is fantastic cuz if it was my hair would be ginormous, but it's behaving itself nicely. :] hehe but yaah and heather and kyla are here until tomorrow :] so it's nice to be with them. and uh, i'm staying at my (great) aunt's house and it has air conditioning so that makes me happy! haha and like there's a mall that's like a two minute walk from here but the area where the houses are is like so country like. it's just like really amazing here. and like i'm wicked burnt right now, like to the point of being sick, but it'll be tan later so it's fine. that'll make it harder for me to burn later this summer. :] everything's just working out really well. plus they have like really nice clothes here haha so like shopping's cool cuz i know that when i get home no one's gonna have the same stuff. :] haha but yeah so i really like it here. but yaaaaaaaah i just wanted to post and keep everyone updated. :]

ohh, and gah, make plans for us and leave me something on my myspace so i can start keeping track. lol and like ohh i decided i'm staying here this summer. i'll be going to florida on like, august 14th ishhh. and i'm gonna take voice lessons and do some library stuff, but besides that i'll be around basically all summer, withh certain days already planned out. so lemme know. :]

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