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still there's something in you that i believe in..

so hello, good friend..
i wanna be next to you.

all we ever wanted was,
love, and love, and happy afternoons..

baby, baby, baby,
when all your love is gone, who will save me..
from all i'm up against out in this world?

i pray you're not at all in love,
with someone else, with something new..
with something other than me and you.

but every time we hang up this way..
i wanna get him back on the phone.

i feel like it's hopeless..

everything is fine,
i'm lonely all the time..
cuz all i want to do is be there,
for the things that you're going through..

it should be me you wanna show..
cuz everything says you and me, babe, belong.

can you imagine no love, pride, deep-fried chicken..
your best friend always sticking up for you,
(even when i know you're wrong..)
can you imagine no first dance, freeze dried romance,
five-hour phone conversations..
the best soy latte that you ever had.. and me?

seeing her picture in my place,
is telling me i'm not good anymore..

wait, don't tell me you're the one,
the one that got away..
i never meant to let you go.

i'll smile, and you'll wave..
we'll pretend it's okay.

it shouldn't be so complicated;
just hold me, and then..
just hold me again.

can you help me?
i'm bent..
i'm so scared that i'll never,
get put back together.

i'd like to think, that this never would've happened..
if i'd only been straight with you.
cuz i know i tried to tell you every day..
i guess there's nothing left that i can do.

that day will most likely never come for me..
and it's just my luck, to end up getting stuck,
to everything you are.
so tonight, i'll sit and pick apart your pictures..
and overanalyze your words.
but the truth is,
that i've never fallen so hard.

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